A New Contest for InspireKids

Do your children have a special knack for writing or drawing? Do you want to give them a great start in life? What better way than to encourage them to begin their career now! Are you a teacher who wants to give your students real-world experience? Our For Kids, By Kids Program is the answer for you.

Water Lilies is now looking for children's books written and illustrated by children. We will further have children edit the book. The entire publishing process will be in the hands of children, with adult oversight of course. We will provide the promotions and awareness. Your children provide the material.

Beginning in February, we will select 7 books per month in this program for publication. There is no submission deadline, and the expiration on eligibility is one year. This simply means that you may submit your child's manuscript in June 2008 and it will compete for publication until June 2009. The selected child and their work will be announced nationally. We will also announce the school and the particular teacher who sponsors the child.

These are the categories that will be accepted for publication:

~Educational material
~Inspirations or Christian children's material
~Imaginary musings
~Nursery rhymes

If your child's book is selected, he/she will be issued a royalty-based contract, paying every quarter. The child will receive local, regional and/or national recognition. Every six months, we will choose a book for our STAR Edition program and the chosen book will get front website coverage on our company and magazine sites for 30 days.

The entry fee for this contest is $50 for the first submission, $25 each additional submission in any calendar year, which is the total out of pocket for any parent. You will NEVER be asked for another cent! These fees will be used for the national advertising campaign: television commercials, magazine and newspaper ads, etc. For more information, please contact Lensey Hayes at lensey.hayes@livingwaterspc.com