Introducing the Culpeppers Trinity Series   

Retail: $16.95     Publisher's price: $12.95

Meet the Culpeppers, an all-American family with all-American problems. Chloe Culpepper gets a cat, learns to pray, gets cast in a leading role at a church play, learns to share what she loves most, and that she has a lot more room in her life for siblings. Join in the adventure as Chloe goes from only child to older sister.  Join the adventure as Chloe goes from only child to older sister in this three book set.

"Chloe Culpepper and her relationship with her cat, Cyle, makes this book endearing. Anyone can relate to the family. They represent a large part of the American culture. I was impressed with the amount of research that's evident from the first page. Many people do not research children's books thoroughly, if at all. I believe Lacresha is here to stay in this genre."  

                                                                                                                                                      Gina Nichols, Youth Minister, NC

The Adventures of Katie Bear: Fun Days at School by V.K. Sansone 

Retail: $16.95      Publisher's price: $12.95

The Adventures of Katie Bear series is a fun-filled, nonstop journey of friendship and excitement. Katie-Bear is a 5 year old bear cub who is learning the beauty of friendship and family. Join her as she learns the joys of school in the first 5 stories of this endering series. Five stories in one book!

"Katie Bear is the epitome of great children's lit. Nearly every school-aged child enjoys two things: recess and the weekends. She includes them both in her books. This may very well be the next big cartoon."        

                                                                                                                                      James Preston

Elijah the Penguin by Rosalee Wilson       

Retail: $16.95     Publisher's price: $12.95      

Elijah is a born leader. He is sensible and responsible. Elijah is a penguin who is elected to lead a group of penguins out to sea and home again safely. Come see how Elijah navigates the dangers of the sea and remain faithful to God.

"Wilson has gone and made another penguin story. And just when I was tired of the whole out-to-sea storyline, this book found its way to my desk. I was very pulled in by the way she made the penguins have a sense of direction, insecurities and peer pressure, just as children do all across America. Great book."       

                                                                                                                              Melissa Dixon, AR